Winemaker of The Year 2017

Kym talks to Vintage Cellars about receiving the Winemaker of The Year Award for 2017

Last year ‘The Independent’ won Best Wine and Best Red and this year you’re our Winemaker of the Year. What do you put your continued success down to?

It blows my mind, to be honest! The last 15 years of my life has been an absolute whirlwind of amazing! I put this down to unbelievable support from everyone around me. Some of the best grape growers in the Barossa continually bringing me perfect fruit from beautiful old vineyards certainly makes our job in the winery a pretty happy one. The vineyards really are where it all begins and ends. An awesome crew around me in the winery making sure that all of my craziness stays on track certainly helps as well!

How has your successes with Vintage Cellar’s Best Of awards helped Teusner?

The exposure has been incredible. The Independent is one of my pet projects. We have been plugging away with this blend of Shiraz and Mataro for years (totally inspired by Rolf Binder’s Bulls Blood and my obssession with Bandol) truly believing that it should be the most recognised style coming out of the BV. The recognition was limited, however, until Vintage Cellars discover ed it as Wine of The Year and sold through two vintages in four weeks!!! Since then it seems to have become one of the most sought after wines in our range both here in Australia and Internationally.

There are winemakers and then there are the award-winning winemakers. What make you different to the other guys?

Haha. How big is my trumpet?? I honestly think that it comes down solely to the growers that we work with. They have mostly been on their patches of dirt for anywhere up to 8 generations. They know their shit. They love what they do – It is in their blood. These folks are the gold that makes the Barossa what it is. We do our best to look after them so that they look after us by bringing us beautifully ripened and balanced fruit. Then there’s the fact that we love what we do. All of us. It’s fun. Sometimes its serious but it’s always fun.

What can we look forward to in the future from Teusner?

With a shiny new purpose built winery just about to be filled up, hopefully even better quality wines! A few of our experimental blocks will be coming online soon so there should be some fun to be had with things like montepulciano and durif.