The Teusner Righteous Society

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Being in our RIGHTEOUS SOCIETY means you have the opportunity to become part of the closer Teusner Clan and access some cracking privileges, in fact it’s the only way.

Our Privileges

Straight up a life time exclusive 20% off all of our wines.

We’ve got the personal front covered. Head to the Barossa to taste more of our wines (there’s no official cellar door, more a working winery with room for visitors.) Righteous Members can ring the bell*, chat to a winemaker, try some wines and yes the 20% off purchase still applies.

Pre-release access to all new wines and special parcels (yep you’ll see it before your local wine store does.)

We’ll let you know about our personal calendar of wine inspired events well in advance or at a moments notice (covers both bases), to make sure we don’t forget each other.

No joining fee what so ever.

Simply fill in your details to join the Righteous Society and make the most of these exclusive privileges.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Teusner Clan.


Kym Teusner

*Please contact us via email and phone at least seven days in advance to make sure we’re there to let you in.