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A dozen reds for drinking over the next decade

All in the name of research. An opportunity to discover the benefits of taking a little extra time to enjoy your Teusner reds. $339 delivered, save 30%

$477.00 $339.00


The question of how long to cellar a wine is a constant one, and I keep an open mind to the whole issue of whether you should hang on to bottles of wine for years on the assumption they’ll get better with age. There are times I like kicking back and enjoying a mature red, and there are times I just want something that’s jumping out of the glass, full of youthful energy. You could say the same thing about dogs – sometimes it’s good to play with a puppy, and sometimes it’s good to have an old dog lie quietly at your feet.

All wines changes as they age. Reds will get softer as tannins settle (the crunchy things in the bottom of an old bottle), and secondary characters will develop through gradual oxidation to complement the primary fruit characters of any given grape variety. The question then becomes – how long do I cellar this wine for? And that really is a matter of personal opinion. Returning to the canine analogy above, sometimes it’s good to see an old dog turn on a bit of puppy speed, to still show a bit of youth. And that’s probably where I like to settle on the question. I like to see how time has changed a wine, and how it has allowed the wine to assume more complexity, akin to a wisened face. But I also like to be reminded of what made that wine so bloody good when it was first released.

If you’re interested (and patient) in exploring the theme, then here’s a selection of 4 Teusner reds that allow you over time to discover what happens when a Barossa red is given some extended maturation time in the bottle. (And of course, in here lies your excuse should a significant other question the need for your purchase. Research. Just research.) I’ve dropped some cellaring notes under each, so make sure you file this email under ‘RESEARCH’ for later reference.) They’re all from the magnificent 2018 vintage, so you have a great starting point.

The dozen will normally set you back $477, but I’m offering this to members of my Righteous Society at $339, saving you 30%. And that price includes delivery to any address in Australia. Head to our website to place your order, or give the winery a call on (08) 8562 4147.

Each dozen contains 3 bottles each of 2018 Avatar, 2018 Big Jim Shiraz, 2018 Bilmore Shiraz and 2018 Independent Shiraz Mataro, allowing you to enjoy them at pit stops in time along the journey. (And of course, feel free to ignore me entirely and enjoy them all now – that ‘research’ project can always start with the next order!)

A happy decade (or more) of drinking awaits.

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