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Albert & Riebke Shiraz Mixed 6 pack

Containing 3 bottles each of the 2018 Albert Shiraz and 2018 Riebke Shiraz – something for the cellar, and something to drink now. Both wines from the exceptional 2018 Barossa vintage.

$276.00 $199.00


The Barossa is a great place wine place, especially when that wine is red and packed with flavour. Those mid 19th century pioneers (including my own ancestors) might have traveled a long way by slow boat from the other side of the world with no idea what lay at the end of their journey, but when they got here they sure had a keen eye for a good bit of dirt. Especially a good bit of dirt for the growing of vines and the harvesting of grapes. Because this place has been pumping out winemaking hits for over 170+ years…and if the current crop of winemakers is anything to go by, there’s no sign of this vinous hit factory sliding down the charts.

Shiraz has been the mainstay of great Barossa wine since day dot, and thanks to the grower folk and their keen sense of “when you’re on a good thing, stick to it”, the temptation to pursue the next biggest thing has been spurned, and we’ve stayed true to a grape variety that now defines the place. Staying the course over multiple generations has left us young(ish) fellas a priceless legacy of old and ancient vines that do exactly what we want them to do –  yield solid crops of bloody good grapes that enable us to make bloody good wine! And never more so was the case than in 2018 – a vintage I reckon will go down as one of the all time classics.

It’s not my style to bore anyone with the vine whisperer geek stuff, but if you’re keen on the detail on the 2018 vintage, then head to the barossa.com website for a read. In simpler more everyday terms, we had some great rains the previous winter which set the vineyards up nicely for what was a classic summer – warm and dry, and not too many of those days where you felt you were living on the sun, not under it. And as the grapes were ripening up nicely, nature delivered the most sensational Indian summer – long warm days, and cool, crisp nights all the way through February and March. The fruit was harvested at a very leisurely pace, and arrived in the winery where I could work my ‘magic’ (aka – the art of not stuffing it up!)

Everything we made that year was exceptional, and over the last 12 months we’ve been heartily enjoying the fruits of our labour from oversized vessels constructed of fine glass. Now we’re releasing the 2018 Albert Shiraz – I reckon our best to date since we made the first in 2005. It’s an absolute cracker, and my tasting notes are below.

Demand for 2018 vintage reds has been hot, and I expect we’ll fly through what we have at hand. So I’m offering my Righteous Society members three ways of enjoying the 2018 Albert Shiraz before the hordes pile in and supply dries up.

If you’re a bit inclined to enjoy a great bottle of red on a Saturday night, and then on the look out for something a bit more Wednesday-nightable during the week, I’ve mixed up 3 bottles of 2018 Albert with 3 bottles of 2018 Riebke Shiraz for just $199, saving you 28%.

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