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Glory to Barossa Shiraz Dozen

$406.00 $289.00


Let there be no argument about which wine reigns supreme in this glorious big brown – and in some places promisingly green – land of ours.

Barossa Shiraz – Glory to Barossa Shiraz!

For when it comes to possessing ‘the right stuff’ for pumping out world class Shiraz, the Barossa is rippling with the gear. An ancient, 300 million year old landscape loaded with 36 major soil types (a fun fact for the geologists amongst you). Home to the oldest Shiraz vineyards in the world, dating back to the 1840’s. Residence to a grape growing community numbering over 500, some of whom can trace their lineage back 8 generations to the first European settlers to put foot in the place 175 years ago. And a melting pot of some 170 winemakers – the big guys and the little guys, the ones with world famous names and the ones who will be tomorrow’s stars. All here to achieve just one thing – to make awesome and delicious wine.

And whilst the Barossa can hang its hat on a half dozen or so wine varietals it can produce to a world class standard, Shiraz is most definitely the leader of the pack. Renowned for its deep colour, flavour and eminent drinkability, Barossa Shiraz is Australian wine’s calling card no matter where I find myself in the world – which is about as far as Nuriootpa in the past month.

Thanks to my network of growers, I get access to some very special fruit from vineyards spread across the Barossa. It’s a clever working relationship. They’re the champions of growing grapes, and I know a thing or two about making wine – although from time to time the lines do get blurred as we inevitably stray into the other’s ‘patch of particular excellence’ to offer some sage advice about how things could be just that little better. But mostly we work together with the same aim in mind – to make world class wine, because this place gifts us the privilege of being able to do just that.

I’ve pulled together 4 of my favourite Shiraz into a pack of a dozen bottles which I’m offering to you at the cracking price of $289 – that’s less than $25 a bottle, including delivery to any address in Australia. You save around 26%, and keep around $140 in your pocket to spend on creating more than a few a Masterchef style meal to enjoy at home with your new found Shiraz flavoured spoils. (Disclaimer: just in case there’s a bush lawyer out there, Teusner Wines is not an official sponsor of Masterchef!)

Head to the website to place your order, or give the winery a call on (08) 8562 4147. Our friendly winery folk are ready and waiting to take your call!

Each dozen contains:

4 bottles of Riebke Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018 (rrp$27)
Sourced from vineyards in the north western corner of the Barossa Valley – AKA god’s country for plush, rich and aromatically spiced Shiraz. The 2018 vintage was a ripper, and this is one of the best Riebkes to date.

4 bottles of Bilmore Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018 (rrp$27)
I’ve got a few growers spread out along the Western Ridge – it gets warm out here, but the rich red ironstone soils hold good moisture, sustaining healthy vines which produce fruit as black as Darth Vadar’s heart, with plenty of guts and a beautiful line of savoury tannin.

2 bottles of The Wark Family Shiraz 2019 (rrp$30)
Sourced from a single vineyard at Stonewell just to west of the central Valley, and planted right smack bang on top of a north- south ridge of ironstone that is now defining the Barossa’s best vineyard locations. Rich in flavour, solid in structure, classic Barossa Shiraz

2 bottles of Big Jim Shiraz 2018 (rrp$65)
Now the savings really kick on this brilliant Barossa Valley Shiraz. Crafted from the very finest fruit grown in the Wark Family vineyards at Stonewell, this is an especially rich and concentrated expression of Shiraz. Impenetrable black in the glass, beguiling aromas of exotic spices, and an explosion of dense black fruits wrapped around a spine of firm tannins on the palate. One for now…or maybe for 10 years in the cellar.

All four wines from the outstanding 2018 vintage, all coming with my personal guarantee that each is an amazingly enjoyable wine drinking experience!

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