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May Red Upgrade Dozen

A fabulous upgrade offer for you. $135 worth of glorious red wine upgrades, plus FREE delivery.



Surrounded by red. Wherever I look. The winery brimful with top notch ‘claret’. The vineyards a sea of rusted red as the vines get set to enter their dormancy. There’s also a bit more red splashed around the big house in Canberra. Red appears to be the flavour of the month.

As it should be on the cusp of winter!

I’ve got good news for fans of Barossa red. The 2022 vintage was an absolute cracker. Remarkably set to rival 2021. A vintage we lauded as the best since Adam was a lad. One that would be tough to match. Impossible to beat. Well I reckon the stewards will be a while determining who’s won this race of champions. I suspect a dead heat. Watch this space – because you’re in for some great drinking. All on the back of a run of three already impressive vintages from 2018 – 2020.

To get you in the groove, I’ve picked out some of the ‘biggest hits’ from this recent run of pearler vintages. Three of my go to wines – the 2019 Riebke Shiraz, 2019 Dog Strangler and the 2021 Gentleman Cabernet Sauvignon. Four bottles of each in a mixed dozen for $350. Great wines for daily drinking,

But being a top bloke and all that, I’m going to upgrade a bottle of each wine to something a bit more ‘special occasion’ at no extra charge. Out comes one bottle of 2019 Riebke, and in goes a bottle of 2018 Albert. Same with the 2019 Dog Strangler, one bottle replaced with a 2015 Righteous Mataro. Then a bottle of 2021 Gentleman replaced with a 2018 Teusner & Page Cabernet Sauvignon.

Around $135 worth of free upgrades, PLUS free delivery.

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