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MC Sparkling Shiraz 2018

There’s a good chance ‘Sparkling Shiraz’ could be the answer to the age old question…“what do we drink with breakfast?”. Made from top notch Barossa Shiraz and kept under lock and key for 5 years before we unleash it on the breakfast tables of the nation.



‘Built for Bacon’…..that could well apply to most of the staff here at Teusner Wines but we believe that Sparkling Shiraz came into being as early man began to ponder the age old question.. “What to drink with breakfast”.

That’s not to restrict ourselves to the first meal of the day of course. You can crack open a bottle of Teusner Sparkling Shiraz whenever you need a lift or have something to celebrate. It is a versatile food wine (try it on Christmas Day with ham!) or is a pleasure to drink just on its own.

Our inaugral release in 2005 gathered some fantastic reviews and the 2018 is set to carry on this tradition with select parcels of old vine fruit harvested specifically for production of the wine. And once again, the wine is topped off with a crown seal. We tend to take it easy with the dosage also….we aim for a savoury, pure fruit driven style without any sugary trickery and cloying finish. With extended time on lees the resulting wine, I’m sure you will agree, is delicious drinking and will continue to improve in the cellar over the medium term.

So enjoy the wine….whatever time of day you choose to partake!

2013 Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz

“There’s volume and there’s softness but most of all there’s a wide array of flavours. This ramps up the complexity a step or 3. Mushroom, sweet plum, earth, spice and leather flavours combine to beautiful effect. Throughout, it remains fresh. Upper echelon in its style.”

95 POINTS, Campbell Mattinson, Halliday Wine Companion, August 01, 2020

2017 Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz

Sparkling Red Wine of the Year – 2023 Halliday Wine Companion.

“That bright purple spume of bubbles that erupts when you first pour a glass is quite something, huh. Deep notes of plum, cherry and black fruits, dotted with exotic spice, charcuterie, licorice, milk chocolate and earthen tones. It’s like the pure dark fruit envelopes you when you take a sip, with comforting fruit sweetness, an expansive palate shape and a super-plummy, meaty-edged exit. Great drinking.”

95 POINTS, Dave Brookes, Halliday Wine Companion, 16 Aug 2022


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