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A box of 12 tasty wines that champion the case for Barossa Grenache being amazing gear. Includes 8 bottles of 2018 Avatar, 2 bottles of The ‘G’ Grenache 2019, and 2 bottles of Joshua GMS 2019.

Pay just $320 including delivery, saving you 30%

$450.00 $320.00


Barossa¬†Grenache has been my obsession since the very idea of Teusner Wines formed in my younger (but possibly less wiser) head back in the late 1990’s. Truth be known, Barossa Grenache was the reason I kicked off Teusner Wines in 2001, because I believed Grenache made the very best Barossa wines. Believed it then. Still believe it today. And if anyone wants to try and change my mind…….

Back in 2001, they weren’t quite giving Grenache away…..because plenty of growers couldn’t give it away. The prices offered by the big wine companies for Barossa Grenache were that low, that many of the growers had started ripping out the old vines and planting Chardonnay…….yep, bloody Chardonnay. On the Valley floor, in some of the finest dirt anywhere on the planet for my beloved Grenache. Madness.

Call it youthful impulse, call it buy first – think second, call it pre-emergent Teusner genius. Call it whatever you want, but I made a call to a grower just as the bulldozers were about to swoop on a 100 year old vineyard to buy the fruit at a handsome price. That decision saved the vineyard and started my wine business. I reckon I made a few hundred dozen and figured if I couldn’t sell it, at least I’d have a shed of tasty Grenache to drink. Being overly optimistic in the wine game does have some positives – just don’t tell the guys at the bank.

Fast forward to 2020, and Barossa Grenache is all the rage. Prices for the best fruit from great old vineyards are right up there, many times trumping Shiraz. The growers are happy. My belief has been vindicated. And as for talk of planting Chardonnay…well even the grumpiest and oldest Barossa grape growers have to laugh at least once in their lifetimes. Barossa Grenache is going great guns!

Onwards to today’s big news – and this has been under wraps for weeks because none other than James Halliday (or at least someone representing him) told me I would be in deep shit if I let the cat out of the bag early. The embargo lifted this morning, and I’m here to tell you the 2018 Avatar Grenache Mataro Shiraz cranked a ripping 96 points, putting it amongst the best in the land. I’m fairly happy about that, and want to share a bit of the joy with you as a privileged member of The Righteous Society.

Normally priced at $450, I’m offering the G-Pack to you for just $320 delivered anywhere in Australia (saving you 30%), I’ll send a box of 12 tasty wines that champion the case for Barossa Grenache being amazing gear. Use the coupon code GPACK at the checkout to claim your discount and free delivery.

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