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The Halliday Mixed Dozen

One dozen top scoring wines from James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion – plus a bottle of 95 point Gabrielle Semillon with my compliments

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There’s no doubt one name reigns supreme when it comes to passing judgement on Australia’s best wines. And that name is Halliday. James Halliday.  Since Adam was a boy, Halliday has (seemingly) tasted every Australian wine ever made, diligently accumulating tasting notes and scores and publishing lists of the absolute best of them in his annual Australian Wine Companion. As such, he sits high above all others as the doyen of Australian wine commentators.

I can’t recall when we debuted in the big book that hits the shelves mid August of every year, but it seems like Halliday has been on the Teusner journey for most of the way.  Again in 2020, we made the grade retaining our ranking as a 5 red star winery, and holding our place in the list of Barossa’s best wineries.

And whilst I don’t get too hung up with what the media writes about my wine, it’s comforting to read that a bloke the calibre of James Halliday considers the wines we make to be bloody good! Words like “A ripper”, “Super”, “Lovely wine”, “So svelte”, and “every box here has been ticked” are awesome. Not too sure about “The flavours pop up like the plastic clowns at the Easter Show”…but I’ll take that as a positive too!

Across all our current releases, we received great words and strong scores in the 2021 edition of the Australian Wine Companion. I’ve pulled together two bottles each of six of the reds that Halliday has scored strongly – and that are also wines I’m particularly happy with – into a mixed dozen:

2018 Avatar Grenache Mataro Shiraz – 96 points

2017 Teusner & Page Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon – 96 points

2018 Big Jim Barossa Valley Shiraz – 95 points

2018 Bilmore Barossa Valley Shiraz – 95 points

2018 Wark Family Barossa Valley Shiraz – 93 points

2018 Gentleman Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon – 93 points

And because I’m always keen to have more people discover the joys of aged Barossa Semillon, I’m also including a bottle of our 2012 Gabrielle Barossa Valley Semillon with my compliments. Halliday thought it was good – gave it 95 points – and I reckon it’s sublime!

That’s 13 bottles of top scoring Teusner wine delivered to your door for just $359. You save 30% off our web price, I pay for delivery charges, and you score a free bottle of our 95 point 2012 Gabrielle Semillon.

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