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The November Special

A dozen cracking wines, plus a bonus bottle of 2013 Riebke – save 25%

$342.00 $259.00


Just when we thought we South Australians could claim eternal bragging rights in the COVID management stakes, a bit of a stumble yesterday has us back to sitting down at the pub, 2 meters apart with a beer in our hands, whilst the health authorities sort it all out. And as for the 4 hour queue to get a test at the local hospital yesterday? Well we haven’t seen that sort of line up since they were handing out complimentary mettwurst sticks at Linke’s butchers in the ’80’s.

While we may have relinquished our status as the state with the cleanest hands in the country yesterday, rest assured there’ll be no knocking us off the perch labelled “Best wine place in Australia by a long way”. Glory to Barossa and all that, we’ll continue to churn out the good stuff in 750ml doses for the drinking pleasure of our fellow Australians.

Heading into the home stretch for 2020,  it’s time to load up the cellar in preparation of the descending hoards. I’ve pulled together the standard Teusner family dozen which seems to keep most of my lot happy around this time of the year (Tell me which mum/ dad/ sister/ aunt/ uncle/ cousin thrice removed wouldn’t want a winemaker in the family?) and offering it to the members of The Righteous Society for $259 delivered – saving you around 25% off our web price.

And because I’m a top bloke (and not just a talented winemaker and most popular member of my immediate family), I’m tossing in a bottle of the 2013 Riebke Shiraz with my compliments. With some nice age on it, this is drinking a treat. It’s cool to be selfish on the odd occasion, so keep this one for yourself.

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