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The Teusner All Sorts Dozen

Containing all sorts of wondrous Barossa wines from this winemaker’s paradise. From bright refresh Riesling to juicy Grenache to big bold reds.

$360.00 $250.00


When it comes to making wine, the Barossa is a special place for a winemaker. No wonder plenty beat a path to the region’s door when presented an opportunity to make wine from the oldest vineyards in the world. No surprise there are over 180 winemakers, from the very large corporates to the very small boutiques, all having a crack at making great wine, when they’re presented the opportunity to produce top notch Shiraz… Grenache… Mataro… Riesling…. Semillon…. Cabernet Sauvignon…the list goes on (although falling short of Pinot Noir – that stuff doesn’t go so well around here!)

The weather in this part of the world is just about perfect for growing anything you need to make wine. Cool wet winters (just like the one we’re having now), warm dry summers and the most sublime autumns…which are more akin to Indian summers that are probably better than the ones in India! All perfectly timed and in balance to support an annual viticultural cycle of growth, ripening, harvest and dormancy required to make awesome wine. Truth be known, most of the magic happens in the vineyards, and at its most basic level my job as a winemaker is to try and not mess it up. (And I’d like to think I’ve laid down a fair old track record in that respect.)

Add to this a real patchwork quilt of geology, and around 500 grape growers who each prides themself on growing the perfect grape, and you’ve got a place that make just about anything to a world class standard (apart from that Pinot stuff – thank god we have Grenache!). What you get is endless diversity, and outstanding quality…and that’s what I’ve tossed into an all sorts dozen that I can ship to your place (as long as it’s in Australia) for just $250. Delivery included – you save 30%. Jump on our website, or give the winery a call on (08) 8562 4147 to place your order.

Each dozen contains two bottles of each of the following wines – with my aim being to showcase to you the amazing bandwith of winemaking expression that is possible in this paradise!

2020 The Empress Eden Valley Riesling

2018 The G Barossa Valley Grenache

2018 The Gentleman Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 The Dog Strangler Barossa Valley Mataro

2018 The Riebke Barossa Valley Shiraz

2014 The Playground Dr. Frank’s Big Black One Barossa Valley Durif

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