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The Winter’s Cure Dozen

Twelve bottles of Teusner Shiraz to fill the house with winter busting reds! All the Teusner favourites, chock full of spice and rich and fulsome flavour. Save 30%

$420.00 $299.00


Whilst I have good cause (as do the sane medical fraternity of the known world) to question the healing powers of hydroxychloroquine when applied in the defence of your average case of Covid-19, I can vigorously promote the curative powers of a quality Barossa Shiraz if you happen to be faced with combating a winter cold. (Whilst of course also urging moderation if you’re feeling a little under the weather.)

For Barossa Shiraz possesses a bounty of spiced aromatics to clear the nose, and rich full character and oh so smooth lines that allows this grape based elixir to flow effortlessly across inflamed tonsils to ease a sore throat. And of course, the solid alcohol levels imbue a mild sense of sedation that can assist with a good night’s kip.

Of course, the above is stated with a fair degree of jest…but if an orange man wearing a tight fitting suit can get on Fox News and suggest to anyone who cares to be listening that ingesting bleach is a possible cure to corona-virus, then surely I can talk up the pro’s of a glass of Barossa’s best as a way of getting through winter!

When it comes to making world class Shiraz, the Barossa is truly blessed. The oldest vineyards in the world, and the oldest vineyard soils in the world combined with long, dry warm summers keep yields nice and low, and flavours uber concentrated. Then there’s our ‘best in world’ autumns that cools the fruit as it ripens, allowing every berry to be picked in a perfect state of ripeness and flavour maturity. I couldn’t think of a better place to grow….and make….Shiraz.

As we head into winter – coming at you in less than two weeks – now is the best time to load the house brimful with delicious Teusner Barossa Shiraz. And to assist with making a quick and easy decision (for purchasing Shiraz should never be difficult), I’ve pulled together a mix of a dozen bottles of my classics to help you ward off the winter chills.

Priced at $299, you’ll save near on 30% off our normal website prices – and that also includes delivery to your doorstop anywhere in Australia. Head to our website now to place your order, or give the team at the winery a call on (08) 8562 4147.

Each box of Barossa Shiraz Winter Cures contains:

3 bottles of Riebke Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018 (rrp$27)
Sourced from vineyards in the north western corner of the Barossa Valley – AKA god’s country for plush, rich and aromatically spiced Shiraz. The 2018 vintage was a ripper, and this is one of the best Riebkes to date.

3 bottles of Bilmore Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018 (rrp$27)
I’ve got a few growers spread out along the Western Ridge – it gets warm out there, but the rich red ironstone soils hold good moisture, sustaining healthy vines which produce fruit as black as Darth Vadar’s heart, with plenty of guts and a beautiful line of savoury tannin.

3 bottles of The Wark Family Shiraz 2018 (rrp$30)
Sourced from a single vineyard at Stonewell just to west of the central Valley, and planted right smack bang on top of a north- south ridge of ironstone that is now defining the Barossa’s best vineyard locations. Rich in flavour, solid in structure, classic Barossa Shiraz

1 bottle of Big Jim Shiraz 2018 (rrp$65)
Crafted from the very finest fruit grown in the Wark Family vineyards at Stonewell, this is an especially rich and concentrated expression of Shiraz. Impenetrable black in the glass, beguiling aromas of exotic spices, and an explosion of dense black fruits wrapped around a spine of firm tannins on the palate. One for now…or maybe for 10 years in the cellar.

1 bottle of Albert Shiraz 2017 (rrp$65)
Albert Shiraz is named after my Grandfather, Albert Alfred Teusner…a man I admired for his commitment and his persistence. Like previous vintages, Albert Shiraz is made from parcels of fruit sourced from a couple of our favourite vineyards….an old block at Ebenezer in the Barossa’s North and another at the Barossa’s South Eastern most extremity at Williamstown. 96 points from Tyson Stelzer for one of my favourite Shiraz.

1 bottles of Dr Frank’s Big Black One 2014 (rrp$38)
Not Shiraz, but actually a love child there of! Durif was named after French Botanist Dr Francois Durif, who created this hybrid by crossing Shiraz with Peloursin….the latter of which didn’t go on to achieve a whole lot in the wine world. If you like big reds, then Durif is marvelous stuff. Impenetrable black in colour and denser than diamonds in flavour. As wine reviewer Gary Walsh once commented – big, black, long and smooth.

In just one box, you have plenty of excuses to ward off winter…or more than enough of an arsenal to ease a bit of a sniffle.

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