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Three great reds, three exceptional reds

A collection of 3 great reds, and 3 exceptional reds from respectively great and exceptional vineyards, representing the 3 classic Barossa red varieties.

$447.00 $299.00


The merry collective of makers, drinkers, retailers, sommeliers, scorers, judge(rs), writers and talkers (and probably a few other ‘ers I’ve overlooked) have made the humble process of turning grapes into a delicious ‘adult beverage’ an exceptionally complex arena. And whilst I am prone at times to wax a bit lyrical here and there about ‘hints of this’ and ‘undertones of that’, there is one very simple principle of wine that I’ve always subscribed to….

Great vineyards make great wines, exceptional vineyards make exceptional wines. (Even more so in exceptional vintages!)

For as very clever as we like to think we are, ultimately us winemakers are merely intermediaries placed between the vineyard and the glass, and granted the heavy responsibility of not stuffing it up. Great wine is made first and foremost in the vineyard.

I was lucky when I got started to get access to great vineyards, and also a few exceptional ones. The Barossa is good like that, with grape growers owning most of the vineyards (many for 7 – 8 generations now) and winemakers big and small, family owned and multinational, each compelled to make a human connection to secure access to the fruit they grow. And when it comes to the exceptional vineyards, that competition does get hot! But the growers have always had a sense of fair play, and tend to divvy up the good gear amongst a few winemakers to make sure everyone gets a go.

Every wine I’ve made at Teusner comes from fruit grown in great vineyards. To accept anything less not only makes my job as a winemaker harder trying to turn sow’s ears into silk purses as it were, but is at odds with my approach to wine that has always been about striving to make a great ‘drink’. A wine that someone is going to love tipping in their glass, a wine that puts a smile on their face.

But over the years, I’ve also kept my eye on some exceptional vineyards, and when the conditions are just right I release them under my Righteous label. And whilst I’d never want to be accused of hubris, these wines are a personal statement from me, Kym Teusner, that these are the very best wines I can make.

I’ve pulled together my 3 current release Righteous wines with 3 other great reds in a six pack priced at $299 including delivery to any address in Australia. That saves you 33%.  When you consider the 3 Righteous wines are valued at $350 alone, that’s a fairly sharp offer.

I assembled this six pack with some consideration (based on personal experience) for the inevitable situation where you reach into your wine collection and are faced with a choice – is this time for a great wine, or an exceptional wine? In this six pack, you have something in column A, and something in column B. My only comment would not to be too precious about these Righteous Wines. They are after all just wine made from grapes, and it’s good to spoil yourself from time to time.

Each six pack contains a bottle of:

Righteous ‘FG’ Shiraz 2017 (rrp$160)
For those that don’t know, ‘FG’ doesn’t stand for ‘First Growth’. Think more along the lines of this wine being a bit better than just merely ‘good’ –  I can also assure you the ‘F’ does not stand for ‘fairly’. Sourced from a single, south easterly facing block at Marananga adjacent Torbreck’s Laird Vineyard. There is great depth and length of flavour here, wrapped around a spine of very fine tannins. Not your  ‘hockey puck in the mouth’ style Barossa Shiraz drinking experience, this is more refined, more elegant. Whip the cork out, and give it some time to breath before enjoying.

Righteous Grenache 2018 (rrp$95)
The 2018 Righteous Grenache hails from a vineyard at Moppa in the Northern Barossa, planted in deep sand over red clay with ironstone rocks scattered throughout. 2018 was a stellar vintage , particularly for Grenache and Mataro. I haven’t seen quality of these varieties like this since 2009. The wines are rich and dense with fantastic balance of acidity and tannin, but this particular vineyard performed head and shoulders above the others. Perfect fruit expression and a vibrant spicy lift. Delicious!!

Righteous Mataro 2015 (rrp$95)
The first release of our top level Mataro was in 2006 and then again in the excellent 2009 vintage. This same vineyard blew us away yet again in 2011, and came up trumps with this release from 2105 – a belter of a year for Mataro in the Barossa.  The critics have already given this the nod, with Halliday gonging it 95 points.

The G Barossa Valley Grenache (rrp$30)
I jumped on the Grenache bandwagon before the bandwagon even existed. At a time when Barossa growers were pulling the stuff out of the ground, I was on the phone begging them to leave it alone. And here is a wine that shows you why I was so determined to see Barossa Grenache get the cred it deserved – the equal of Barossa Shiraz, some may even say the true champion of the region. Bright and juicy with loads of spice, a mid weight wine that is just asking to get poured to the brim in your glass.

The Dog Strangler Mataro 2018 (rrp$35)
A step down from the Righteous Mataro – but hardly a huge one. All the dark fruits and spice you’d expect of Barossa Valley Mataro, but supple and plush with the traditional firm tannin profile of the variety nicely integrated.

The Wark Family Shiraz 2018 (rrp$30)
A great vineyard owned by exceptional people. We’ve been making this wine since the 2012 vintage, and every year it impresses with the solid frame of black fruits layered over firm tannins. Stonewell is a Rolls-Royce sub region for Shiraz, and this wine shows why every year.

Six wines, six reasons to dip into the collection – be it time for great wine, or exceptional wine.

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