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Woodside Sauvignon Blanc 2018

You’d have to back any case the Adelaide Hills wants to make for being the home of Australia’s best Sauvignon Blanc…and luckily we’ve got mates who grow some pretty smart fruit there! Zesty, juicy, vibrant, refreshing and delicious to drink.  Beautiful wine from a beautiful place.



Watch Kym tell you all about the Woodside Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc.

2016 Vintage

“The Barossa is an amazing place…produces brilliant Shiraz, Mataro, Grenache, Riesling….there are few places like it on earth that can tick the box marked ‘outstanding’ on so many different grape varieties. But awesome Sauvignon Blanc is just one of those things that alludes us (nobody’s perfect)…too warm in February, right at the moment when the ripening grapes need some cool time. So I head to them hills to the South…the higher and cooler Adelaide Hills….eminently better for Sauvignon Blanc, in fact in my view the best place in Australia to grow the stuff!

I reckon this wine has got it all for Sauvignon Blanc lovers…plenty of tropical fruit on the nose and heaps of mouthwatering, energetic acidity to freshen up a plate full of ripping fresh tropical fruits on the palate. But how do we stand out from the pack you ask? What’s the ‘Teusner Twist’ on this classic? Well, there’s a splash (just 3%) of old vine Barossa Semillon for a start, to spruce up the nose with a touch of lemon flower. And then we like to have the juice hang around on skins a bit before pressing to extract a little more flavour. There’s also leaving the fermented juice on lees until we bottle it up to bring a little texture to the final result. A little bit of extra work at the winery pays off in the end…a cracking Sauvignon Blanc that brings us a heap of pleasure!”


“Good drinking option for the coming summer. Life and flavour, and lots of it. Passionfruit, grass, gunmetal and nectarine. Punches out flavour from the get-go and keeps it going all the way through to the finish. Better than the 2013 release. Really good.”

92 POINTS, Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front, November 2014

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