‘The Righteous Society’ is your opportunity to stay in touch with us…and for us to stay in touch with you. More importantly it’s the only way you’ll get access to a range of very exclusive Teusner privileges.


As a Society member, you’ll have exclusive access to a 20% discount on all full priced purchases when you shop on line or visit the winery.


If you’d like to buy exclusive releases from the Society Cellar, then you’ll have to be a member of the Righteous Society…strictly no tyre kickers allowed. Throughout the year we’ll release small quantities of aged wines from our cellar for sale only to members of the Righteous Society


If you think you’d enjoy our company at dinner (we’re well trained), then membership of the Righteous Society is your ticket to an invite to our annual Society dinners. Awesome evenings of great food from some of the nation’s hottest resta urants matched with a selection of righteous Teusner wines


If you’re keen on getting your hands on our Playground wines…small lot makes of very special wines, then you’ll need to become a Righteous Society member. These wines will be available only to Righteous Society members…again, membership has its rewards!

So if you’re keen to become a member of the Righteous Society and making the most of these exclusive opportunities, click here and enter your details to join up (no joining fee applies folks)….

Kym Teusner

The Teusner Righteous Society

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